Thursday, January 27, 2011

semester mid break.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

It has been a while since my last update was 2 weeks ago. just don't have time to write and not much things to say. never mind. when I am writing, I will try to write like "non-stop writing" directly writing. you know what I mean right? it's like you write without stop. you're right~! just the same as previous statement. whatever! 

Today is Friday. last day here before mid break. which means I'm going back for semester break this weekend. Yes. uians will have their semester break this week. Its about 1week or maybe more for those who intend to stay longer right? [question: you don't want to have that BARRING letter in your mail box right?] mine,bus will be tonight. I don't know maybe at 9pm or what. for the sake of "you'll find yourself rarely onlining at sweet home kampung" therefore, I think I need to write something before going back home. men, seriously exciting! 

at first, act I don't want to go back home.reasons? haha. I don't know. maybe cause used to go back every time uni had breaks/vacations or whatsoever makes me feel like I want to stay longer here. [sure anas?] haha. or maybe bored at home? [again sure?] haha. or maybe we can have super reading here, at campus? ahhaha. somehow, I think I kinda like the image of nerdy. even though, there's still a lot of ways cooler than that. kan? hehe. however, my mom said "tak leh. kalau umi suruh balik kena balik." haha. terus. rasa tak selesa nak stay.~ keberkatan/redha parents tu kan penting. =)

then, balik lah jawapnya. but I might come earlier than it supposed to be. Oh. we, uians don't have free free time la even we are at home for semester mid break pun. still have a lot of works to do. lucky for me, I guess, 3mid after break and the rest is presentation  is not burden so much kan? hopefully, there will be a gap between the one mid exam and another. tapi kalau dah study awal-awal that's much much better. 

study,exam,study,exam. question: until when? what is the meaning of the real life? well, better not question that. cause He knows better about that. sometimes, you like "argh, till when I still need to do this, do that?" "when can I enjoy the real life?" "when will I get someone to love?" ahhaha. kidding. haha. believe me. things happened for a reason. =) 

aih. macam ni lah life...kan?

slamat ber-Mid Break...

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