Monday, January 3, 2011

500 Days of Summer.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Seriously, I really think that people should watch this story. especially the heart-broken guy. haha. but of course it is not me the heart broken guy cause i am just watching it. ^^ there's something positive about this movie and  a lot of lessons that can be learned as well. It teach you how to let go someone that you like so much. easy to say the story of break-up lovers, a story of a couple or what should I call it? something related to love story. alright, actually I don't really good at explaining stories, I just watch and learn and imagination and that's all. there was one man name Tom, Tom Hansen. he works as a greeting card writer. at one successful company. there was assistant of his boss, Summer Finn. girl that Tom attracted so much. ahh. let me get this straight. they became friends. and Tom is really-really likes Summer and he wants Summer to be his girlfriend. but. Summer doesn't think that way. that they are a couple of lover. She told Tom that she just want to be friend with Tom but at the same time they act like a lover, you know, kissing and something and something. and that's why Tom was confuse with Summer. It happened until the day of 500. then Tom knew that Summer already engaged when she invited Tom to her house for a party and saw a ring in her finger. Tom ran away. frustrated. and his life never been normal like before. a problem occurred one by one. At the end, he quit his job as a greeting card writer. and try to become architect. Tom is a talented guy. He can draw everything. He applied for job to become architect in many company. but was rejected. He keep trying. One day he went for the interview and he met one girl that which also came for the interview. they talk for a while and seems to know each other but they never met before. before went to the interview room. Tom realize something that he actually need to open his heart for someone else. then he stop and go back to ask that girl if she want to have some coffee after the interview. at first that girl was kinda hesitate to say yes. but then. yes, a yes. haha. Tom introduce himself and that girl introduce herself, her name was Autumn. then the season start to change and everything start from number 1 back. haha. interesting right?? I guess the story try to relate the character like Summer or Autumn with the season features itself. e.g like Summer. she is like no feeling, cool. and Autumn. always smile, happy and cheerful. 

I don't know if this is a novel or what.

first time met in the elevator. they have alot of common like they both like the song from the Smith.
back then when they was is love.

tom fav spot. but then it became Summer's fav too.

after love. both hope that each other will happy with their own way.

Tom met Autumn.
they share the same fav spot overlooking the city.

prettier right??

the Day 1 of Autumn starts

the Moral of the Story : 
you know, sometimes you always think about person that you like very much. without realizing that they are still people out there that can make you happy other than he/she [of course 2nd after ALLAH] . you just need to open your mind, open your heart and give chance to others. to know you. to feel you. to understand you. I think i used to say this to one of my favorite friend, another friend of uians, an old old friend. ^^

 She's got you high and you don't even know yet..


  1. The last images with two pictures stitched together, is exact the same way I do after viewing this nice film.
    Also nice to read your thought after your watched it.

    It's interesting to meet anonymous guy on the internet without knowing each other before.
    Again, greetings.

  2. Hey, sorry I didn't check my blog for so long. got exams and everything. fuh. just done my final exams in my Uni. Man, I really wish they could be together! I even download the song. I don't know. the movie just soo good, it makes me wanna write somethng about it. anywaaay, thank you for drop by David and nice to know anonymous guy commented here too =)