Saturday, January 8, 2011


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

my friend, from my former college, Arif just got into UniKL BMI, which is next to UIAM and today we went to Jusco, Masjid Jamek etc. just to accompany him to see some places around this Gombak area even me myself I don't know this place so well. well, blame the not-easy-going attitude of the writer. so much not into "jalan-jalan" makes him freak about places. buuut. he is still trying. slow and slowly. you know, what is more interesting than "lepax kat bilik" as long as you enjoying it right? that is why, even though it is "lepac kat bilik" is kinda booooriiiing. It is fun actually. no one is around and the place, it's all yours. haha. you can do whatever you want. as long as it is not contradict to Islamic Law and Syariah (Fiqh). hehe. I am taking this subject this semester. the class was always fun. and it will be fun. because the course coordinator Ustaz Miszairi is heaven funny. the only thing that is not fun is the class started at eight. 8.30 actually. ahh. does that make any different?? I meant 8 and 8.30?? whatever.~ pagi kot. a truly great Muslim should wake up early in the morning kan. teacher went to school as early as 7am, mak cik penjual bukak gerai pagi-pagi. so, there is something about "bangun awal". but "tak tido sampai subuh" that is another story. talk about "tak tido sampai subuh". there is a reason. like "siap kan kerja". exactly like right now. I am doing my assignment. almost finish. but like "ngantuk gile" right now. that is why. I think I need to write something here. back to Arif. he is a Johorian. Skudai if I not mistaken. former friends college of Technology Darulnaim. just finished his diploma in Eletronic Engineering. now further the same course at BMI. after a long long time we have not met. today we did. walked with him just like the old times, "dulu-dulu" things. really really "gembira tak terkata". He bought a blanket, three pairs of socks whereas I bought a new watch and two pairs of clothes. wuhuu. after like every weekend wearing the same clothe. now I can look different. hehe. Arif [again] is one of my best friend at college long long time ago. now we meet again. I really hope to see others as well. Insha-ALLAH. Its 5am already. I think we need to stop for a while. after Subh prayer I will sleep. huh. I feel really really sleepy right now. until then. 


* don't have pictures. "malas-malas" things.


  1. sampai subuh!! Pastu tido pas subuh. Rezeki tak masuk nak~~ hehe

  2. ngantuk makcik..cuti-cuti blh la tdo pas subh. huhu.