Thursday, January 27, 2011

semester mid break.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

It has been a while since my last update was 2 weeks ago. just don't have time to write and not much things to say. never mind. when I am writing, I will try to write like "non-stop writing" directly writing. you know what I mean right? it's like you write without stop. you're right~! just the same as previous statement. whatever! 

Today is Friday. last day here before mid break. which means I'm going back for semester break this weekend. Yes. uians will have their semester break this week. Its about 1week or maybe more for those who intend to stay longer right? [question: you don't want to have that BARRING letter in your mail box right?] mine,bus will be tonight. I don't know maybe at 9pm or what. for the sake of "you'll find yourself rarely onlining at sweet home kampung" therefore, I think I need to write something before going back home. men, seriously exciting! 

at first, act I don't want to go back home.reasons? haha. I don't know. maybe cause used to go back every time uni had breaks/vacations or whatsoever makes me feel like I want to stay longer here. [sure anas?] haha. or maybe bored at home? [again sure?] haha. or maybe we can have super reading here, at campus? ahhaha. somehow, I think I kinda like the image of nerdy. even though, there's still a lot of ways cooler than that. kan? hehe. however, my mom said "tak leh. kalau umi suruh balik kena balik." haha. terus. rasa tak selesa nak stay.~ keberkatan/redha parents tu kan penting. =)

then, balik lah jawapnya. but I might come earlier than it supposed to be. Oh. we, uians don't have free free time la even we are at home for semester mid break pun. still have a lot of works to do. lucky for me, I guess, 3mid after break and the rest is presentation  is not burden so much kan? hopefully, there will be a gap between the one mid exam and another. tapi kalau dah study awal-awal that's much much better. 

study,exam,study,exam. question: until when? what is the meaning of the real life? well, better not question that. cause He knows better about that. sometimes, you like "argh, till when I still need to do this, do that?" "when can I enjoy the real life?" "when will I get someone to love?" ahhaha. kidding. haha. believe me. things happened for a reason. =) 

aih. macam ni lah life...kan?

slamat ber-Mid Break...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

sleepy head.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I wonder if i can stay up again tonight. aaahhh. really tired. today. for the second time. second day. I went out again. but this time with Kudin, my roomate. Oh. my phone just fell on the ground. while this post was written. I guess I really need to stop and sleep now. maybe story next time. good night. 

cute right?


* Oh. I forgot. Isya' first. then sleep.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

my friend, from my former college, Arif just got into UniKL BMI, which is next to UIAM and today we went to Jusco, Masjid Jamek etc. just to accompany him to see some places around this Gombak area even me myself I don't know this place so well. well, blame the not-easy-going attitude of the writer. so much not into "jalan-jalan" makes him freak about places. buuut. he is still trying. slow and slowly. you know, what is more interesting than "lepax kat bilik" as long as you enjoying it right? that is why, even though it is "lepac kat bilik" is kinda booooriiiing. It is fun actually. no one is around and the place, it's all yours. haha. you can do whatever you want. as long as it is not contradict to Islamic Law and Syariah (Fiqh). hehe. I am taking this subject this semester. the class was always fun. and it will be fun. because the course coordinator Ustaz Miszairi is heaven funny. the only thing that is not fun is the class started at eight. 8.30 actually. ahh. does that make any different?? I meant 8 and 8.30?? whatever.~ pagi kot. a truly great Muslim should wake up early in the morning kan. teacher went to school as early as 7am, mak cik penjual bukak gerai pagi-pagi. so, there is something about "bangun awal". but "tak tido sampai subuh" that is another story. talk about "tak tido sampai subuh". there is a reason. like "siap kan kerja". exactly like right now. I am doing my assignment. almost finish. but like "ngantuk gile" right now. that is why. I think I need to write something here. back to Arif. he is a Johorian. Skudai if I not mistaken. former friends college of Technology Darulnaim. just finished his diploma in Eletronic Engineering. now further the same course at BMI. after a long long time we have not met. today we did. walked with him just like the old times, "dulu-dulu" things. really really "gembira tak terkata". He bought a blanket, three pairs of socks whereas I bought a new watch and two pairs of clothes. wuhuu. after like every weekend wearing the same clothe. now I can look different. hehe. Arif [again] is one of my best friend at college long long time ago. now we meet again. I really hope to see others as well. Insha-ALLAH. Its 5am already. I think we need to stop for a while. after Subh prayer I will sleep. huh. I feel really really sleepy right now. until then. 


* don't have pictures. "malas-malas" things.

Monday, January 3, 2011

500 Days of Summer.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Seriously, I really think that people should watch this story. especially the heart-broken guy. haha. but of course it is not me the heart broken guy cause i am just watching it. ^^ there's something positive about this movie and  a lot of lessons that can be learned as well. It teach you how to let go someone that you like so much. easy to say the story of break-up lovers, a story of a couple or what should I call it? something related to love story. alright, actually I don't really good at explaining stories, I just watch and learn and imagination and that's all. there was one man name Tom, Tom Hansen. he works as a greeting card writer. at one successful company. there was assistant of his boss, Summer Finn. girl that Tom attracted so much. ahh. let me get this straight. they became friends. and Tom is really-really likes Summer and he wants Summer to be his girlfriend. but. Summer doesn't think that way. that they are a couple of lover. She told Tom that she just want to be friend with Tom but at the same time they act like a lover, you know, kissing and something and something. and that's why Tom was confuse with Summer. It happened until the day of 500. then Tom knew that Summer already engaged when she invited Tom to her house for a party and saw a ring in her finger. Tom ran away. frustrated. and his life never been normal like before. a problem occurred one by one. At the end, he quit his job as a greeting card writer. and try to become architect. Tom is a talented guy. He can draw everything. He applied for job to become architect in many company. but was rejected. He keep trying. One day he went for the interview and he met one girl that which also came for the interview. they talk for a while and seems to know each other but they never met before. before went to the interview room. Tom realize something that he actually need to open his heart for someone else. then he stop and go back to ask that girl if she want to have some coffee after the interview. at first that girl was kinda hesitate to say yes. but then. yes, a yes. haha. Tom introduce himself and that girl introduce herself, her name was Autumn. then the season start to change and everything start from number 1 back. haha. interesting right?? I guess the story try to relate the character like Summer or Autumn with the season features itself. e.g like Summer. she is like no feeling, cool. and Autumn. always smile, happy and cheerful. 

I don't know if this is a novel or what.

first time met in the elevator. they have alot of common like they both like the song from the Smith.
back then when they was is love.

tom fav spot. but then it became Summer's fav too.

after love. both hope that each other will happy with their own way.

Tom met Autumn.
they share the same fav spot overlooking the city.

prettier right??

the Day 1 of Autumn starts

the Moral of the Story : 
you know, sometimes you always think about person that you like very much. without realizing that they are still people out there that can make you happy other than he/she [of course 2nd after ALLAH] . you just need to open your mind, open your heart and give chance to others. to know you. to feel you. to understand you. I think i used to say this to one of my favorite friend, another friend of uians, an old old friend. ^^

 She's got you high and you don't even know yet..

Saturday, January 1, 2011


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

nope. I don't celebrate New Year. tapi pikir2 balik. kena jugak bersyukur kerana Allah masih panjangkan umur. so, cukup dengan sekadar buat solat hajat. mintak supaya tahun ni jadi lebih baik dari tahun2 yang sebelumnya. ameen. i'Allah. 

semalam, last day tahun 2010, kitaorang keluar g jalan2. haha. ayat skema gile. kitaorang bukan g jalan2 nak celebrate new year macam orang ramai2. tp sebab weekend sumpah borinx separuh gile kat Gombak ni. so, berpakatlah. me, wazid, syafik ngn kudin. nak kluar jalan2 saje2. g mana? masing2 xthu. haha. ko bg idea ak bg idea. last2 decide g KLCC jelah. KLCC jelah?? haha. bukan tempat tu macam gempak je ke?? boleh tengok orang couple, awek hot. kan? haha. astaghfirullah. mata tu jage sket. hehe. seriously, memang g jalan2 je hari tu. nak membeli belah. nama pn lelaki kan. bukan tak minat shopping. alah. lelaki. stakat beli biasa2 gitu jela. kalau pempuan beli gile2 haa laki beli tak gile2. macam tu la lebih kurang. hehe. 

nak cite ke pengalaman kuar aitu? alang dah dapat tenet ni. seksa betol la. dari pagi try nak connect tak dapat2. time2 maghrib macam ni jugak baru dia dapat. nasib baik dah semayang. Ok. i'm not really good at re-call back memories but will try. Tulis apa yang ingat jela eh? walhal baru je semalam g jalan. haish. masalah ingatan betOl. 

Ok. first2 ktaorg ambik bus g CM. thu CM tu apa? ni nk bajet org KL la ni. walhal kto dok kg jah. hehe. CM stand for Central Market. tak penah2 eh ak naik bus tu g CM. maklum lah. selama ni malas nak g jalan2. prefer dok bilik. kalau korg nak gambaran. imagine. budak pakai kaca mata yang style nerd2 sket tu, sedang membelek2 buku pelajaran. peh! memang bukan ak la. hehe. gambaran semata-mata! dok bilik tidur je pn. tengok... dah melalut-lalut ke lain dah. nak cite sal lain, cite lain kuar. ish, ish, ish. lepas amik bus g CM. ktaorg turun kat Masjid Jamek kalau tak silap. haa. betul lah. sebab tym tu xsmayang asar lg. lpas smayang. cari makan. muke masing2 yang memang dah sah2 lapa dari awal nek bus smpai smpai kt MJ tu. MJ apa? paham2 sdri lah. pastu lpas smayang terlihat la satu kue kt lua mejid ni. niat membe ni nak la try beli. tbe2. "eh. korg nk g mne?xjd ke beli kue tu?" ak sje tnye sbb ingt nk rase gak sket kue tu tp xnk beli. hehe. rupanya kue tu harga rm1.50. benda lebih kurang cam Samoosa gitu. bentuk 3segi. tp agak besar sket. trus blah xjd. patut la. biasalah kan. kat banda. semua benda nak mahal. that's why I miss my kampung!! pastu-pastu. gerak la dengan perut lapa. cari BK. BK?? Burger King..~ 

BK lagi best dari McD. sebab dia punya burger lagi besar kot. set large baru rm10. kudin ambik set yang paling mahal dan yang paling besar. lapa sangat kot dia tym tu. haha. yg rm 16.xx tu. set double whopper ke apa.  aku amik chicken royale, syafik pn same. wazid amik double whopper black pepper. tp pelik knpa yang dia punya kecik dari kudin. walhal masing2 double kan. apa2 jelah. yang penting. baca bismillah sebelum makan. hehe. alhamdulillah kenyang. nak tahu lebih lanjut? tgk sdri lah website BK.

memang kudin tak makan malam dah la lpas tu. kekenyangan yang amat sangat. bdk2 ni kata akak kat counter tu tak caya kudin mintak double whopper. dia ingt org kurus2 tggi2 makan sket ke? tp kudin xde la kurus sgt. gentleman la. sbb tu awek syg. haha. habis makan. ktaorg pn pegi jalan2. ak macam. wah, wah. masjid India je pn..~ tbe2 rasa gembira sorg2. haha. yelah. pikir. ok jgk lah kan jalan2. dari dok bilik bapak bosan. anak nya? lagi lah. ktaorg g jalan2. ktaorg g jalan2 tp tak masuk pn SOGO mira. haha. 

tp tengok kat lua tangga besar tu ramai je orang lepak2. ingatkan apehal. saje je dorg lepak. nak tggu sambut new year la tu agaknya. *baik la korg buat solat ajat kt rmh.* dah tu jalan2 jumpa la tempat baju murah rm10 selai. ok la jgk. mungkin kualiti kain xbpe. tp lelaki. haha. pandai2 la pilih kain cne yg elok2. blh di katakan ada jgk la spesies kain yg elok2 kan. aku sebat la jgk 2 lai. Ingt nk cari baju yang ada collar kan. senang sket. 2 dalam 1. boleh pakai wat g class skali. last2 end up dgn beli 2 bju round neck. 1 baju sukan satu baju round neck biasa. dah dah tu g kdai depan lak. peh. dah agak dah mesti ada yang lagi murah. sabO je lah. tak murah jgk la. just lagi banyak choice la. harga lebih kurang je. tapi tiap kali nampak jersey mesti stop. fenomena kot skg ni jersey Malaysia. haha. Malaysia menang. wuhuu. haha. 

tapi xde la pulak nak post2 entry sal pasukan Malaysia menang Piala Suzuki AFF baru2 ni kan. bukan tak minat bola. minat gile2 kot. just. "entry" dalam ati jela. mean malas nak tulis la tu..~ penjual pon bapak amik kesempatan. thu la M'sia menang. pembeli pn tak menang tangan la nak membeli. satu lai jersey rm68. bapak ah. jersey Man U pn rm50. mintak kurang baru dapat rm60. 

yang ak smangat cakap sal jersey ni ak xbeli pn senanya. niat nak beli jgk. tp takpe lah. nanti dulu kan. tapi kudin ngn syapik. masing2 die hard fan Man U. memang angkat ah jersey MU malam tu. ak ngn wazid tgk jela. lama gak usha jersey kat situ. syapik nak beli jersey Malaysia. tp dah mahal sangat. xjadi. tetbe datang sorg pakcik mana. speaking ngn ktaorg. haha. dia kata "that shirt match your skin", mentang2 lah syapik gelap sket kan. quality kain elok lah. apa bnde lah lagi yg di cakapkan nya. tp dia tu nak beli jersey jgk sbnrnya. half US half Malaysian kalau tak silap pak cik tu. yg best partnya. dia kata malam tu birthday dia. haha. HapPy birthday la pakcik. ktaorg pn wish jela. haha. rupa cam style Indian sket. tp dia friendly. 

dah settle2 beli jersey apa semua. jam dah 10 lebey. 10 nak dekat kul 11 kot. ktaorg pn nak gerak dah ar. sbb kul12 nti byk lak kna bg alasan nya kat Pak guard. tggu punya tggu bus. tggu bus kt mna ntah. ada la tmpt tggu bus tu kan. cari bus yg nak balik Gombak. xde jgk sampai2. jalan sesak kot. tym tu dah kul11 dah. crowded gle aa. masing2 nak sambut new year kan. ktaorg just nak balik. last2 naik tren g msjd jamek wlaupn cuma satu stesen tp dh xlarat nak jalan. tetap naik tren g MJ. blh tgk ah pemandangan kat bawah tu. peh. punya lah ramai kot. org2 tgh tggu nak sambut new year. ramai gle. ktaorg sambut new year dalam tren kot. haha. terbaek. 

dah. sampai Gombak. ktaorg amik bus. balik UIA. huh. kul 12 lebey2 sket gtu la. ramai gak rupanya bdk2 UIA yang nak balik Gombak tym tu. sampai2 kat UIA. nsb baik pak guard tak tahan. xde apa2. alhmdlh. sampai jgk bilik. masing2 bepecah. balik bilik masing2. just ak ngn kudin. sbb ktaorg satu bilik, roomate. memang letih. tu lah. spe suh g jalan2 sangat kan. haha. ok lah. jalan skali skala kan. dan rasa nak jalan lagi. melihat kebesaran Allah. i'Allah.